Following submission of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) to the Department of Water Resources on January 31, 2022, the Solano Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) are working together to implement the GSP in a cost-effective manner. To fund GSP implementation activities, revenue requirements have been developed by the GSAs. Some of the GSA Boards are considering the imposition of a per acre charge to cover the administrative and operational costs of GSP implementation and SGMA compliance, which requires compliance with the procedural requirements of Proposition 218.

The Solano Subbasin GSA is following the timeline below for the Proposition 218 process related to the charges that will support the work to achieve groundwater sustainability in the Solano Subbasin GSA. This Fact Sheet describes more about long-term funding for GSP implementation.

The proposed charges are considered property-related service charges governed by Proposition 218 and apply on a cost of service per acre basis to lands within the Solano Subbasin GSA boundaries within Solano County. To learn more view the Solano Subbasin GSP Charge Report.

If the local GSAs are unable to implement a plan that meets state requirements, the State Water Resources Control Board may step in to manage the Subbasin with much higher charges. If this intervention occurs, the State could charge up to $300/well/year for all groundwater extractors and up to $55/acre-foot of water pumped. The local GSAs are working hard to avoid State intervention and higher GSP implementation costs. GSAs must implement groundwater sustainability monitoring and management actions to bring the entire Subbasin into compliance with Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requirements by 2042.

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