The GSAs in the Subbasin work together through the Solano Collaborative to implement the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) in a cost-effective manner. The Solano Subbasin GSA provides ongoing GSA coordination and outreach activities to facilitate SGMA compliance and support groundwater sustainability. To support these required efforts, the Solano Subbasin GSA pursued funding needs through Proposition 218. 

Funding Opportunities

The Solano Subbasin GSA is also working with agencies to secure additional grant funds to support GSP implementation. GSA, state, landowner and philanthropic investments are all important in groundwater sustainability. The Westside Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) maintains a list of funding opportunities here: Grant Funding Sources Master 2021.

California is taking a statewide approach to planning and maintaining water supplies. The state’s Water Plan Update 2023 and California Water Resilience Portfolio pages for more information about these efforts. 

Charge Report

The Collaborative developed a Five-Year Budget to cover both operational and implementation related costs. The Solano Subbasin GSA serves as the fiscal agent on behalf of Subbasin GSAs in Solano County. To learn more, view this Fact Sheet and the Solano Subbasin GSP Charge Report.

The table below shows SGMA compliance requirements, which include monitoring and reporting on groundwater in the Subbasin, evaluation of groundwater conditions, submission of reports to DWR, and comprehensive updates to the GSP every five years. Submitted Reports can be viewed here

View the

Groundwater Sustainability Plan



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