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Groundwater conditions in the Solano Subbasin appear to be generally stable. Monitoring in the Subbasin shows short-term groundwater level fluctuations from spring to fall with rising levels occurring in response to groundwater recharge during the winter and lowering levels in the fall resulting from increased seasonal demands on groundwater during the summer. Longer-term trends in groundwater levels are also evident and occur in association with changing hydrologic conditions (i.e., wet and dry periods). Read answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Geology and Groundwater Resources for more information about Groundwater in the Solano Subbasin.


It is important to understand groundwater conditions in the Solano Subbasin. Agencies in the Subbasin have developed an extensive groundwater monitoring network to track groundwater conditions throughout the Subbasin. The Cities of Vacaville, Dixon, and Rio Vista, California Water Service-Dixon, Sacramento County, Northern Delta GSA, Solano Subbasin GSA, Maine Prairie Water District, Rural North Vacaville Water District, Solano Irrigation District, California Department of Water Resources, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and Solano County Water Agency monitor numerous wells across the Subbasin for groundwater levels and water quality.

The web map below displays conditions at different sites in the GSP monitoring network, including information on well type, depth and screen interval, approximate location, and observed water level or water quality conditions. The web map aims to provide information on groundwater conditions in the subbasin to help support the sustainable management of groundwater.

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